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(No, I couldn’t find any St. Bernard pics)
rich-in-ceo-hat-tmc.jpgApologies for not blogging in some time – I’ve been wearing my running TMC hat as CEO which means meetings, strategy sessions, mission statement updates, etc. TMC is growing rapidly and it is an exciting time to be in media and TMC is fortunate to have some really great customers partnered in our success and loyal readers like you. I am always amazed – when you become a blogger you have so many ideas, you can’t get them all out regardless of how much time you have. I want to spend the rest of the night writing but alas, I cannot. So instead, here are thoughts on news of the day. First off Comcast and Cablevision had awesome earnings – congrats to both companies.

Congress beat up the FCC today regarding Net Neutrality and whether it will be good or bad for job creation. Of course FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski responded by saying it is pro competition. You could make the argument that by ensuring all companies have equal access to broadband lines you ensure competition and subsequently jobs will be created. For example a thriving VoIP carrier market means more companies are founded, etc.

I could also make the argument that if carriers have less incentive to invest in higher-speed broadband, the broadband connections of the future may not exist for a thriving net economy to receive nourishment from. Thankfully the competition between phone companies and cable is pushing both providers to sell ever-faster service.

In Skype news, the company is looking to hire where Nokia is laying off – Finland. We’ll see how that goes. The leading Internet Telephony software company also upgraded its iOS app allowing video calls with Skype for TV customers and launched a mobile partner program for global operators.

BTW Nokia – if that whole Microsoft relationship doesn’t work out, there is always Google who would love to tie the Android knot after a potential (and I am sure very messy) Redmond divorce. I just wonder if the prenup between the leading phone and OS companies was as long as the one Bill Gates used.

Guess we’ll never know.

More to come – check and for updates. smiley-cool

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