Sorry about that

Sorry about the whole not blogging thing today. I had meant to see the accountant and sign the tax documents a few weeks back but as luck would have it today was the day I saw him. In addition — despite my best intentions to get in early — I woke up before 6 am but somehow decided to close my eyes for a second.
Thankfully the kids woke me up a few hours later. I was straight into meetings for a whole day just trying to catch up with e-mail between the words being spoken in the meeting. From there I was off to the accountant and then preparing for my speaking on Wednesday of this week — which I better blog about soon.
Anyway I wrote about the Siemens communications division possibly being for sale and now it seems that Siemens may indeed be looking to offload it. This would probably not be good for the Siemens One initiative but may be better for the employees of this division if the possible suitor, Motorola wants to make the decision much more competitive.

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