Speaking at IP Sizzles 2008

I am really looking forward to IP Sizzles 2008 — formerly VoIP Sizzles 2008. What is it you ask? Well I am glad you did. IP Sizzles is an event put on by ABP which focuses on educating resellers on the the opportunities available in the IP communications space. It helps them maximize profit.

By attending the event you not only learn about the important technology in the industry but just as importantly you will learn about the solutions you should be selling while learning what works — and what doesn’t.

By coming to the show you can meet with companies such as Aastra Telecom, ClearOne, CyberData, Linksys, Snom and many others.

On a partially unrelated topic — I have been doing a  long-term review on a really nicely crafted Aastra IP phone with a DECT wireless extension built in — expect a review shortly. So far this phone has been great.

One of the reasons I love resellers so much is that they are really the grease that gets the world of IP communications humming. You see, resellers are essential in helping small companies with their telephony systems. Of course you could deploy a communications system without a reseller but for small companies, the experience a reseller brings to the equation is essential as smaller companies generally don’t have time to focus on everything they need to know before and after they deploy a system.

I think all companies should keep up with the latest in the world of communications and technology but when it comes to deploying, you should always consult an experienced reseller who can bring unbiased  (as long as you choose wisely) experience into your purchasing process.

I will be a keynote speaker at the event and I hope to see you there — July 28-30, 2008 in Dallas, Texas.

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