Sprint Telehealth and M2M Event 2011


Last week I spent time at the Sprint Telehealth and M2M Event which they call Emerging Trends and Solutions in Telehealth, Remote Patient sprint-m2m-collaboration-center-digi.jpgMonitoring and Wellness Forum. It was an intimate event but full of partners like Digi and many others who were thrilled to show off their solutions which work in-part with Sprint’s networks. BTW – for those of you who go back to the UNIX days of dumb terminals – you may remember DIGI used to be a player in the space of allowing many terminals to attach to a PC-based UNIX system. Yes, we are talking pre-Linux here – in the late eighties/early nineties.

The mood was upbeat and positive, this part of Sprint’s business is doing well and a wave of partners are enthusiastic about the future of telehealth, telemedicine and the machine-sprint-m2m-collaboration-center-building.jpgto-machine (m2m) markets.

It was exciting to see how technology is being adapted to solve real-world problems such as those in the medical space where remote monitoring and diagnostics can reduce costs while improving quality of life for the disabled, elderly and really anyone who takes advantage of the latest solutions which are continuing to be rolled out.


I took a good deal of video at the event which took place at the Sprint M2M Collaboration center in San Bruno, CA. Here they are for you viewing pleasure. I have embedded two of the videos and the rest are links which will open up when clicked.

Sprint M2M On-Body Monitoring Mood Widgets

Sprint M2M Home Health Monitoring

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