StaffAlerter Provides Value in Emergency Notification and IoT

With terrorist attacks and other shooting incidents becoming commonplace, the need to quickly notify large groups of people regarding dangerous situations seems to have never been greater. While many of the solutions on the market are targeted at governments or large police departments, the emergency notification system on a budget market has been neglected.

Enter StaffAlerter, the infinitely flexible solution which combines the power of IoT-like sensors with IFTTT real-world flexibility. By this we mean that the system can be easily programmed to sense an emergency button being activated in the freezer and then proceed to unlock the freezer door.

This is just an example of the flexibility the system brings to the table but its primary role is to send out alerts on things like suspicious persons, active shooters, school bus route delays (essential for very cold or hot areas), industrial accidents, severe weather warnings and hazardous materials to name a few.

The system can be cloud-based and works with any PBX and has especially tight integration with Ericsson-LG iPECS systems. Numerous systems can also be linked together.


We recently had a chance to interview Bob Rankin as well as Paul Keith – both live and via phone about the system to get a handle on all it can do. We mentioned IoT above – well a gunshot detector can be one of the inputs which results in notifications which can be broadcast anywhere – phone, email, SMS, social, digital signage and voice notification. The system can have four hard inputs which can expand to 144 and the systems can work together to form a larger mesh of security and monitoring. Other inputs can be temperature, key fobs and RFID.

A system can have up to 22 hours of runtime with battery backup, it can be programmed granularly to close a relay for the seconds and then latch or it can pulse a relay for a few seconds. It can also follow a schedule like unlocking a door during business hours.

Each system has the ability to failover to 5 SSIDs and connects to a new broadband connection in under five seconds – allowing for example a MiFi to always keep the system connected.

Key fobs were mentioned above – the short range variety can have 8 functions while WiFi units can have three functions.


Cloud phone systems are compatible as well. An Opti-Switch can be used to take action based on the status of phone lights. An actual example could be setting up 811 as an internal emergency number which rings a phone line on a phone which is detected by Opti-Switch which in-turn takes action. The system also works natively with FXO and FXS lines.

Target markets include schools, elder-care, government, retail and industrial. Pricing starts at under $2,000. Going forward, Bob tells me they are working on a keyword spotter in email which can take action based on a word or phrase.

The bottom line is StaffAlerter is an inexpensive solution which ties in the benefits of emergency notification with IoT and the flexibility to expand and grow with the needs of an organization.

For more check out the distributor Presence Management.

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