Stop the Shrinkage with Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation reaches across all areas of your organization – from business process to communications. In fact, we would argue it starts with communications. In retail however, shrinkage – the colloqialized term for theft is a major problem. How major? In 2015 it was $45.2 billion!

So when you are one of the largest retailers, you can imagine that reducing theft of merchandise should be your top priority. And it is.

Walmart is one of six companies in the United States that run digital-forensics laboratories accredited by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors. American Express has an accredited lab; Target has two of them.

These labs can unlock cell phones, restore damaged hard drives or monitor the network to see which employees might be “borrowing” information for theft on the black market or dark web.

We are in a golden age of tech innovation. Over the next decade, many technologies will be adopted as companies realize that technology can still dramatically improve their profit margins.

How well is it working? Well, a recent post highlighted on Reddit’s official blog last year offers a look at that process. A user called “StiggyPop” wrote about getting caught after stealing about $15,000 in Blu-Rays from a Target store. Target investigators had assembled a file on him, he wrote, and figured out where he lived, what car he drove, and where he resold the stolen discs. He was turned over to the police and charged with grand larceny.

Bottom line, digital transformation is very real. The priorities might be different based on the organization or the industry but the end result is the same… An intense desire to adapt to a changing world so you can survive the competitive onslaught from new entrants and existing competitors.

It will be an exciting future indeed!

Communications 20/20 will be held July 18-20, 2017 at Caesars Palace,


 Las Vegas, Nevada and will focus on the next wave of technology and innovation that will transcend the importance of person to person contact, disrupting the future of the entire communications industry. Communications 20/20 will provide vital knowledge and insight through unique programming, hands on training, live demos, keynotes, exhibits and networking events.

This unique conference will allow for individuals and companies entrenched in the traditional communications ecosystem that want to understand how to adapt and profit from the new software-defined communications trends that will permeate through all industries and enterprises.

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