Sennheiser Shows the Future of Work in NYC

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and furniture company Wilkhahn recently held a press conference at their pop-up store in Greenwich Village, NY where the audience was treated to great content and the ability to try some of the company’s high-end audio products.

The presentation started with pictures which showed the evolution of the office – from tightly packed desks, to offices, to cubes and now more casual informal settings replete with couches, huddle rooms and a few quiet areas for serious work. In other words, our collaborative future.

The takeaway? Well, it wasn’t all that different from what many of us heard in the keynote room of ITEXPO in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Companies are changing to suit the tastes of millennials. These changes generally get implemented in tech companies located in cities and will spread to more industries and the non-city areas over time.

Sennheiser of course with Wilkhahn who makes pretty fancy, high-end furniture, feel that together, they can provide a solid solution which will future-proof your organization.

Sennheiser showed their integrated microphones which can live in the ceiling of your conference room as well as touting their puck-like Team Connect Wireless conferencing units which I’ve covered before.


Recently, I wrote about how software is taking over virtually all enterprise communications trends – and more importantly, digital transformation will be enabled in large part by communications technologies. We even launched a conference – Communications 20/20 because we have seen the future of digital transformation, and it is communications.


Getting back to Sennheiser, the company wants to be your partner in the transformation to a millennial-ready office-space.

At the end of the conference I got as chance to test the company’s $55,000 headphones, the HE1s. They sounded great. I also got to hear the company’s 9.1 surround-sound system which was quite amazing.

Sadly, the pop-up store is closed down but the company’s website is always available if you want to learn more or purchase.


Communications 20/20 will be held July 18-20, 2017 at Caesars Palace,


 Las Vegas, Nevada and will focus on the next wave of technology and innovation that will transcend the importance of person to person contact, disrupting the future of the entire communications industry. Communications 20/20 will provide vital knowledge and insight through unique programming, hands on training, live demos, keynotes, exhibits and networking events.

This unique conference will allow for individuals and companies entrenched in the traditional communications ecosystem that want to understand how to adapt and profit from the new software-defined communications trends that will permeate through all industries and enterprises.

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