SunRocket and Star Trek

If you like VoIP and Star Trek do I have a blog entry for you. TMCnet’s Tom Keating writes up (turn down your speakers) what is happening with the shut down of SunRocket. Somehow he gets numerous Star Trek references in the post.
One issue he discusses is how the company is or is not notifying customers. I personally don’t know any of the company’s customers so I am unaware of what the company has done in this area. It does seem easy to leave voicemail in all their customer accounts however. It shouldn’t take much of the company’s resources to make this happen.
If you know any SunRocket customers be sure and send them this blog entry and/or let them know what is about to happen.

  • Chris
    August 2, 2007 at 5:22 pm

    I’m one of those guys. One day they just started sending out emails that they’re dead and we have to migrate the service to somebody else. What’s weird is that some company named Teleblend has reconnected the service behind the scenes and a lot of people now sign up with them. Yeah, I’m looking at Whois data for Teleblend: Their domain was registered on 17-Jul-07. So these guys registered their domain two weeks ago and you’re expecting me to trust them?
    I’d better switch to somebody who has been on the market long enough. From what I’ve found out after looking through the Internet is that Lingo, ViaTalk and JoiPhone are also highly capable of quickly transferring SunRocket phone numbers. All of them have special promos for ex-Sunrocket customers. ViaTalk for example has a 3 month contract buyout for ex-SR customers and two phone lines for the price of one.

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