Telecoms see Content as King Thanks to Procera Networks

“Telecoms are seeing content is king,” said Dan Geiger, Sr. Dir – Dan Geiger Sr Dir  Solutions Marketing procera.jpgSolutions Marketing at Procera Networks as we discussed in an in-person interview how his company is helping global carriers. You might recall a year ago we told you the company helps shape even encrypted traffic. Dan reinforced that the company’s solutions see the device layer, cell phones, cell towers and the core network while being able to differentiate various types of traffic.

This is why carriers are able to see content as king – because they have more control over it than ever before. In countries where VoIP is restricted, Procera allows carriers to charge a monthly fee to allow customers access to an IP communications provider. US carrier T-Mobile offers an unlimited streaming service using similar technology.

Procera has gone from a leader in application awareness to network awareness which means they can take network traffic, subscriber knowledge, analytics and application knowledge and use it to intelligently manage the network. This allows better quality to be provided to consumers since the carriers are better able to understand what is happening on the network.

Dan believes networks will see more automation as time goes on – their systems work in a network intelligence ecosystem with probes and analytics vendors in order to make intelligent and rapid decisions related to traffic shaping.


The big news of late is the company’s acquisition of competitor Sandvine, the combined company will serve 1.7 billions subs and provide solutions to 12 of the top 20 mobile providers. The $562 million-dollar acquisition is backed by Francisco Partners who is doubling down on its investment in network intelligence, creating a global leader in the space.

These are the direct benefits of this acquisition according to the company:

Significantly increased scale to support customers and partners – The new Sandvine has deep relationships with many of the world’s largest operators and enterprises. The combined organization has significantly increased scale and resources to expand new product initiatives, offer greater depth of service offerings and provide enhanced support for both our partners and customers.

Increased investment in product innovation – The combined business will be accelerating innovation investments in behavioral analysis, automation, and cloud solutions. Sandvine will have the only ‘closed loop’ capabilities powered by network intelligence, positioning it  to enable its customers to drive OPEX savings with network and workflow transformation.

Expanded breadth of use case capabilities – The combined company offers best-in-class solutions in the network intelligence market for analytics, policy and charging control, security, regulatory compliance, traffic management, and cloud managed services. The powerful combination of the two companies adds significant technology synergies that result in over 100 use cases across Sandvine’s solution verticals.

Enhanced offerings to enable cloud managed services – The combined company will provide channel partners and service provider customers the broadest and most differentiated portfolio of virtual and cloud delivered Network Intelligence solutions. Sandvine’s cloud services solution is a cloud-based offering that integrates analytics, policy charging and control, traffic management, and security use cases as a single managed service for enterprise networks.

Procera’s goal is to help carriers by allowing them to better manage their networks so as to provide superior user experience and new and flexible models to generate revenue through bundling and flexible marketing.

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