TeliaSonera 4G Screams at 80 Mbps

TeliaSonera allows 20-80 Mbps download speeds on a 4G-based LTE network allowing a theoretical 4 simultaneous HDTV streams at maximum throughput!

If you live or visit the central parts of Stockholm or Oslo you can now get blazing fast wireless broadband access courtesy of TeliaSonera’s new LTE network based on equipment from Ericsson and Huawei communicating with a Samsung GT-B3710 USB modem.

Forget about how much more productive customers will be with this speed for a moment and focus instead on the embarrassment factor to wired carriers worldwide.

Case in point, just last week, AT&T announced U-verse Max Turbo which offers a maximum broadband speed of 24 Mbps downstream. So we are seeing a multi-billion dollar US network based partially on optical technology being easily eclipsed by 4G/LTE! Wow!

I imaging carriers worldwide are waking up and paying attention and moreover they are likely seeing the need to move to 4G even more rapidly, if for no other reason than to play catch up with other operators worldwide. This is not to say that customers don’t want this speed – they do.

And as wireless networks get faster, the need for better smartphones will only increase -as will the need for better batteries and faster backhaul products.

As 4G networks begin to proliferate, expect to see me watching the 4G Wireless Evolution Conference (4GWE) very closely, next month in Miami (Jan 20-22, 2010). It should be quite amazing to hear what the world’s carriers have to say about their deployment plans and I am sure equipment companies will also have opinions which will make the trip more than worthwhile.

4GWE is a JV between TMC and Crossfire Media which is cofounded by Carl Ford. The keynotes at the conference will consist of senior executives from Google, Sprint, Skype and Verizon Wireless.

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