3Cinteractive Brings CMS and Orchestration to RCS Marketing


Thanks to RCS, rich messaging will be the default on all mobile devices meaning companies will have the ability to provide superior messaging and marketing to all customers according to Brian Heikes, VP, Product Mangement and Solutions at 3Cinteractive.

They recently launched some of the first campaigns on the Sprint network when they announced their RCS A2P deployment. Prior to this change, Sprint just allowed P2P RCS capability or person-to-person messaging. Now with the MAP solution, organizations now have the full power sending rich marketing messaging to all consumers.

In addition to the benefit of having RCS work on all handsets, its use allows companies toBrian Heikes.jpg avoid needing to go through a BigTech gatekeeper who mines the data to sell competitive advertising.

In other words, if you look at the Facebook business model – the first step was to get companies to bring all their customers to the Facebook network by liking their pages. The next step was to charge companies for access to their own customers via algorithm changes and advertising. In addition, the customers of a company were now available via advertising to the highest competitive bidder.

Using the carriers, not Silicon Valley means this sort of bait and switch is less likely to happen.

Every carrier has its own flavor of RCS and 3Cinteractive helps with this problem by normalizing the communication for companies. In addition, they build content and workflows optimized for the RCS environment. They also have an RCS CMS and orchestration tool.

They provide system integration to allow brands to connect and communicate via smartphones.

In conclusion, Brian said the global carriers are deploying RCS with a focus on getting the reach to be as great as possible. This is the culmination of many years of work to make a standard consumers are used to. He concluded, “This is a new opportunity and alternative for brands to communicate with customers.”

See a video below from the company for more:

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