The Ultimate Social CRM Prank

While typical negative social CRM experiences are sent via Twitter and Facebook, occasionally companies get their reputation tarnished via Youtube. This is the case in one of the most elaborate pranks ever where a container was dropped in front of Mobistar’s headquarters in Belgium blocking all traffic. Security at this building with 2,000 employees called the phone number listed on the container only to be connected to the comedians inside the container who repeatedly put security on hold, played music and basically drove them crazy.

This may be one of the most sophisticated acts ever seen of people acting out against a company in response to poor customer service. In the US, the worst people seem to do is go out and buy a domain name consisting of a company name with “sucks: appended to it. They then  post their horror story and call it a day.

Apparently in Europe, people have more time.


As you may know, TMC’s Social CRM EXPO takes place Feb 2-4, 2011 in Miami (collocated with with ITEXPO) and to be honest I am not sure anything can solve your problems if such a video mocking your lousy customer service goes viral. But the goal is to more effectively engage with customers far before you have to deal with this sort of PR disaster.

And in this department the event is something you need to be part of.

Hat tip: Dave Barry

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