Too Busy Reading Spam to Read This Article

I spent some time in Canada away from internet connections and as such I am hundreds of e-mails behind. One of these e-mails came from Tom Keating and it points to an article which explains how spam is skyrocketing due to botnets. I for one did not need this article to learn that we are under attack. I just hope the attack ends soon as I really feel the pain of massive amounts of junk.
It would appear being in the spam filtering business is a great place to be for the foreseeable future. Another problem I have been reading about a great deal lately is spear phishing where spammers target small amounts of people and in many cases these people are located in a single company and the e-mails could appear to come from within the same organization.
One of these attacks actually told employees they were terminated and they needed to click for more information. Between the spammers and scammers, your computer is becoming the scariest place in the house.

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