Tunnel is the Professional way Call Centers Text Customers

WhatsApp revolutionized consumer texting. Slack did it for business. Tunnel wants to do it for call centers.


There is no shortage of vendors who will allow your call center to send text messages via an API. There are also numerous call center solutions which allow texting. There is however one system built from the ground up to allow your call center to interact with customers via text in an inbound and outbound fashion while adhering to the many rules and regulations companies are subject to.

The system is called Tunnel and the SMS ACD is the idea of Kent Charugundla, CEO. Kent was one of the first people to develop an award-winning cloud-based contact center EagleACD and he has successfully run numerous businesses in the few decades we have known him.

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Tunnel is different from most solutions as it has a built-in profanity and phrase filter and is also TCPA-compliant and adheres to CTIA rules.

Some items of note – CTIA rules do not allow chatbots via SMS and TCPA requires companies to respond to customers the same day as a request is made. These are just a few things the system handles for you. There are many more. The bottom line is you can be fined if you break federal rules.

For example, using history as a guide, TCPA fines can be anywhere from $2.8 million to 280 million depending on the offense. It’s obviously better not to make the mistakes these companies have.

“I personally believe in delivering a stellar product that is efficient, easy to use, and has a fast entry to the market of call treatment. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up and go live,” said Kent. “At the end of the day it’s all about agent interface, compliance, and effortless call treatment functionalities.” The software was designed to be simple with the right features. There are no long-term agreements or contracts.  The pricing starts at $15/month and is pay-as-you-go with no commitments.

One last item worth explaining, according to Kent, the system will interface with other contact center solutions but if you don’t go through Tunnel to send messages, you may not be protected he explained.

There you have it.

WhatsApp revolutionized consumer texting. Slack did it for business. Tunnel wants to do it for call centers.

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