Uber lets You Test Drive a new BMW 7 Series

This morning CNBC interviewed valuation expert Aswath Damodaran, professor at NYU Stern School of Business who said Uber is worth less than half as much as investors think or just $23.4 billion instead of $51 billion. He cited increased competition from serious players as a major issue.


One wonders however if the company’s latest business model has been factored in – the Uber test drive. BMW has an exclusive deal with the taxi disruptor allowing you to enter the Exclusive Promo Code: BMWNYCVMZP8FTHUE. According to the company, you then request the “7 SERIES” option on 10/17 and 10/18 between 10am–6pm.

Requests must be made within the coverage zone which includes partsBMW_UBER_COVERAGE_NYC.jpg of New York and New Jersey. Even though I am outside the coverage area, located in Norwalk, CT – when I entered the promo code into my phone, it told me a vehicle would arrive in 7 minutes. It wasn’t clear however if I was getting a Bavarian chariot or just a “regular” Uber vehicle. You see, I cancelled the reservation in order to continue this diligent writing assignment. Moreover, I am obviously one day early.

BMW goes on to tell you demand will be high and your 30 minute max test drive may not be possible if no cars are available.

There was a time in this country when new car roll outs attracted people to dealerships droves. Thanks to the internet and Uber, new cars can be unveiled at your doorstep.


Could that make Uber worth at least a few dollars more than the professor imagined? smiley-cool

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