Unified Communications Magazine Debuts

Here is the unveiling of the first issue of Unified Communications Magazine (PDF). It has not been through final proofing but I have been so excited to share this new publication with the word I just had to post the magazine today.
This publication is different from every other magazine you may have every read. Why? It is the first (or one of the first – I haven’t found another) horizontally designed magazine that is printed and also available via PDF.
The magazine is formatted for computer screens. Even if you like to read your magazines on paper you may want to reference it via PDF.
With other publications you need to zoom and unzoom, scroll up and down. With UC-MAG you do none of this. You just read. The way nature intended. 🙂
Some topics of interest are as follows:
  • Mitel interview with Simon Gwatkin
  • Shimano goes Unified Communications
  • Jonathon Rosenberg on SIP
  • Lots of great articles from Zippy Grigonis
  • Avaya interview with Eileen Rudden 
There are a record 43 thousand subscribers to this new publication and the pass-along of most TMC publications has been surveyed to be 3 times. This means a readership of 172 thousand per issue. We will be surveying the readership soon to verify these numbers. I believe since this magazine is so easy to forward, the pass-along will be much higher than we predict.
Hopefully you will enjoy the first issue of UC Magazine and forward it to many many others. It still hasn’t been through final proofing by the way so consider it in “Beta. Here is the Unified Communications home page so you can bookmark it and visit it often. If you want to commit it to memory it is www.uc-mag.com.

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