Verizon Wireless Back to 97.2% after Sandy


Living through hurricane Sandy in Connecticut maybe eight miles from the shore shielded me from believing the damage would be as bad as it was. Much of the state – by the Long Island Sound especially, got slammed. By now you have likely seen the photos and videos of the damage. Especially lower Manhattan, Staten Island and New Jersey.

Back to Connecticut, I may never have seen so many trees down in my life and many cities near where I live had over 70% of their residents without power immediately following the storm.

Wireless service has been on and off. I noticed T-Mobile seemed to have coverage issues in Stamford and AT&T in Old Greenwich didn’t allow data connections a few days ago. To help keep customers informed, a number of carriers put out statements about the capacity of their networks in Sandy-affected areas.

Like everyone else, wireless operators have been repairing their buildings and equipment. Verizon says they have 97.2% of their Sandy-affected cell sites in service. In severely impacted areas, like Lower Manhattan, they say while wireless service has yet to return to normal levels but coverage is good.

The company explains that they continue to deploy mobile disaster recovery and emergency network assets to fortify their network and our back-up power equipment, including permanent and mobile generators, are keeping cell sites and other network elements operating.

They do warn that telecom and residual flooding issues continue to be a factor. In closing they explain as the day progresses, they expect the numbers of operational cell sites to continue to improve.

In related news, AT&T has teamed via a roaming agreement with T-Mobile in New York and New Jersey to ensure callers connect to whichever network is most operational in their area. I am wondering if Verizon could be added to this agreement when a user has an LTE-capable device.

Sprint too has been very vocal about their superior efforts during and after the storm. 

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