Video Changing Presidential Campaigns

Video is becoming a strong campaign tool. Recently I wrote about how John McCain used it coupled with web 2.0 techniques to generate interest. Today, the Obama campaign sent out Barack Obama’s Germany speech which was obviously written to generate world interest in his campaign.

We are finally seeing a campaign where the internet has the potential to be as important or perhaps more important than television news. Moreover, it would be smart for TV producers to monitor web interest of video clips to ensure they are showing what the population is most interested in.

JibJab is just one of the examples of a video which spread virally and then became a TV sensation. I expect this campaign to bring the online/TV world together like never before.

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  • Torsten Leibbrand
    July 25, 2008 at 8:07 am

    200 thousand Germans cheering to the President candidate! What a picture. Good speech as well from Obama. I wonder if McCain will be doing something like this as well. And if he does, will he get the same positive feedback like Obama did from our German politicians?
    I also find it very interesting how these two guys use the internet. I think that no other election up to now will be as observed and as accesable throughout the entire world, like this one.
    A good thing, I think. This keeps things transparent and the whole world knows about what is going on in other countries. Hopefully, many politicians in many countries will do the same in upcoming elections. This could certainly help people around the world understand each other way better than they do today.

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