Optical Drivers and Trends

The optical space is alive and well and surprisingly robust. In 2001-2 it was common to talk about the death of the fiber market and often I heard people tell me that there would be no need for more optical networks and even equipment.

Of course, back then there was no YouTube and p2p networks were in their infancy.

So what are the trends in DWDM, SONET, ROADMs and other aspects of the optical market? What is driving demand? Finally, what will be the role of Carrier Ethernet in driving optical products and services?

In order to learn more about this space I recently had a podcast interview with Ronen Mikdashi the Senior Product Marketing Manager of ECI Telcecom. Mikdashi is very knowledgeable about the optical space and puts things in perspective better than most.

In the past I have had a podcast with company CMO Laura Howard and more recently Rafael Francis where we discussed Carrier Ethernet. This optical podcast had tremendous synergy with the recent one focusing on Carrier Ethernet and between the two you can get a good overview of the service providers space and of ECI telecom.

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