VoIP Adrenalin

I have been working here at the Ft. Lauderdale airport for over an hour and am impressed with the large amount of seating space, the abundance of electrical outlets and the fast and free WiFi. The WiFi here has been much faster than the hotel WiFi (to be fair the hotel access was free too).

This airport may be one of the most business-friendly airports around. This is much better than an experience I had in Tampa years before WiFi was invented. I couldn’t find a phone with a modem plug. Florida has come a long way.

I met a lot of people today at the conference & Elsewhere who told me they can’t wait for ITEXPO and I can’t believe we are only a few short weeks away. I will be back here soon enough but for now, I have to go back to the office and help my team with last minute preparation.

I am also excited to see a version of SIP Magazine on paper as opposed to the PDF I proofed last night.

There is an excitement in our business that comes at the start of every event. As a show producer there comes a point where you have done everything and you just have to wait for the people to flood the halls. There is always concern when it comes to shows. Weather can shut down an airport. Trains can stop running if there is an accident. A local pile-up can keep people from coming to the show altogether.

I get the same feeling when we have a magazine launch. Will the printer do as good a job as you hope? Will the magazine look as good as it does in your office? You just don’t know until you get it in your hands and then hear feedback from advertisers and readers. Is the logo nice enough? Does it need work? Could you have changed the order of the features?

Well you get the idea. With the launch of SIP Magazine and IMS coming shortly thereafter I am going to be experiencing lots of thrilling moments. This industry is so much more fun now than in 2003!

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