VoIP Inc. Gets Co-CTOs

Recently I wrote about Shawn Lewis leaving VoIP Inc. and a result I received a number of e-mails asking how the company can continue operations without Lewis. Today the company has responded to the departure of Lewis with the appointment of Arthur L. McCabe and Kevin Behanna as Co-Chief Technology Officers.
Investors have been asking me in-depth questions about the company but I haven’t had enough communication with them in the past few years to give any worthwhile thoughts.
In addition, I haven’t studied the company’s financials but I can tell you that VoIP Inc. has been extremely quiet for many months and the stock did much better when they were putting out more frequent positive news and engaging the media.
Finally, the company has recently dropped its contract with its current PR firm. We will see what the next moves are for VoIP Inc. I will certainly keep you posted.

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