Wanted: Dead or Alive

Haven’t we all seen those old Western movies with those “Wanted” posters looking for bandits? I know I have. Now it is time for those posters to go high-tech in the form of electronic billboards the FBI will use to display the faces and names of criminals.

As the engadget article points out, be sure to commit your crimes quickly as once these billboards get rolled out, your odds of getting caught for your crimes will likely rise greatly.

I am just wondering what might be next for the FBI and law enforcement in general? Now that they embraced electronic billboards, will web advertising be next? How about mobile ads?

Will the Feds and others place graphical ads on news websites with link back to FBI/law enforcement home pages for videos and photos of their targets?

It seems to me if the billboard idea is so great, web ads will work even better.

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