Web 2.0 comes to CRM

The above graphic is a bank mashup showing all banks in Norwalk, CT — where TMC headquarters are located. (credit: Webmashup.com)

A logical place for mashups to show up are in customer relationship management applications where they can allow field sales and support personnel to see the locations of their customers in real-time. Funny, I have been hoping for more and more business mashups to be invented and one shows up right in the CRM space.

TMCnet’s own David Sims broke the story yesterday in fact.

Here is an excerpt:

SMaps automatically links addresses and locations of individuals or companies to their location in Google Maps. Viewing full contact information from their CRM database with Google’s mapping functionality makes scenes from recent movies like Minority Report "a reality for companies," according to the CRM Workers.
The product lets users use Google’s mapping capability with their CRM information such as contact details, price and order history to zoom in and make decisions.

SMaps is billed as a product to "boost efficiency of mobile workers, helping them save time and cost." The Target List functionality provides "access to geographic information to sales managers and personnel who can then use that information to focus marketing and sales efforts," explains CRM Principal Consultant for Asia Pacific David Gill.

  • Nicole
    June 11, 2008 at 4:15 pm

    Great post. Mashups have cropped up in a few CRM applications recently… octopusCity.com for example, which is kind of a Web 2.0 free CRM system, includes a Google mashup as well for viewing maps of addresses and getting driving directions.

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