Web 2.0 meets VoIP and Call Center 2.0

If I have to say what the most interesting thing happening in the call center today it is call center 2.0 which like every other concept with a 2.0 moniker means many different things depending on who you are. For this article the definition of call center 2.0 is an application or service that takes advantage of web 2.0

In this case the seamless passing of information between applications and websites (one definition of web 2.0) creates the ultimate new tool for call centers.

SKY-click is a free call center solution which leverages the Skype client and turns this software into a call center solution that scales. It includes important features demanded in a professional solution such as time management, call dispatching, managing the availability of collaborators, missed call solution, feedback management as well as music on hold.

The integration into the corporation’s Web site allows for live human assistance by voice using VoIP, chat/IM and video. SKY-click PRO is available on salesforce.com’s AppExchange and can be run on existing hardware and software environment.

In addition to SKY-click Pro, SKY-click is launching SKIPI. This entirely free service will enable the customer to add functions to the SKYPE ME buttons used on the Web site, blog or e-mail signature that enables users to contact a company or individual quickly and easily.

SKIPI makes the personalization of the button and adding a number of SKYPE users easy. It also allows for the establishment of a rapidly deployed VoIP call center which directs calls to one or more contacts from a Web site.
The free service is targeted to communities, social networks, dating services or companies that seek to offer their customers the ability to speak with their commercial or accounting departments directly from their web site, or for free online advertising campaigns.

This sort of service is amazing to me. The main reason I am blown away is the integration of the products and services from Skype to salesforce.com. As more integrated solutions proliferate companies are now free to mix and match solutions web 2.0 style and will eventually end up with call center 2.0 applications. This is where the excitement in the market is for me.

Remember that about 20 years ago to have integration between applications you needed CTI links from Rockwell that worked with IBM mainframes. Only corporations with multimillion dollar budgets could afford to do this sort of thing and the products back then were rudimentary at best. Now you can build a best of breed video call center for free!

The challenge of course is how to make money as the market evolves. SKY-click is delivering Pro versions of solutions that generate the revenue while giving away the entry level products.

This is a common theme these days and allows rapid distribution of products and services. The success of products like Asterisk and Skype are certainly influencing an entire generation of developers and one wonders how many of these virally spread products can gain the mass appeal of Skype or Asterisk. We will see how this one does. So far I like the idea and it remains to be seen how call centers take to this sort of solution.

For more information please read SKY-click Releases SKIPI – The Free Call Center and check out the Call Center 2.0 Conference January 24-26, 2007 in Ft Lauderdale, FL.

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