Where Did Rich Go?

OK, Rich has not abandoned his loyal readers. He really values these people as without his readers he would stop blogging and at that point he would have to find a hobby or two. Thankfully, dear readers, I am still with you and in fact this week my family decided I work hard enough to take some time off.
So I am at an undisclosed location which has plenty of sand and beach chairs. This doesn’t explain how I got locked in my hotel room by myself however. Due to this hotel’s awesome WiFi I decided I needed to videoconference with TMC using Microsoft’s new RoundTable conferencing unit. The conference was great and I felt like I was in the room.
I was told I sound better than when I am there in person which makes me wonder if I should ever leave this secret location. But alas, sooner or later I will have to come back so be sure to stay tuned as any moment now, I may run into Dick Cheney. 😉

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