Will Steve Jobs Wow Us?

It seems that if you do not blog about the iPhone this weekend you will be out touch with the blogging and news gathering communities. It is just that important. On Monday we will have a new Apple mobile device to drool over and I wonder if the company has any surprises up its sleeve such as higher screen resolution?

We know the new iPhone also called Jesus Phone by some will have 3G but will it also have a keyboard? Would Apple roll out multiple products at once? How about an iPhone with a keyboard? Wouldn’t that be great for those people who want the benefits of a great web surfing device coupled with the ability to write lengthy emails?

I could go on about the new consumer electronics wondor but instead I thought it useful to share some interesting iPhone articles and blogs for your perusal.

Here is an unofficial concept design of the new device and here is a story about the iPhone in Japan and how Apple is negotiating hard with SoftBack and NTT DoCoMo. Would Apple truly pick Japan’s #3 carrier as its exclusive partner in the land of sushi and sake?

CNNMoney calls tomorrow’s event — referring to the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) as the launch of Apple 2.0. This entry discusses the 3G iPhone of course but also goes into the SDK, speculation regarding GPS chip inclusion and even a discussion of why the $99 .Mac suite should be free and possibly renamed.

There is more  — a discussion of a smaller iPhone and even a larger tablet sized computer. In my opinion, both are inevitable and a real surprise would be a device which works on Verizon’s network.

With all eyes on Steve Jobs this week, the world is his for the taking. Will he wow us with something(s) really revolutionary or just announce that the iPhone will work with 3G networks? I sincerely hope it is the former.

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