Zang Spaces: a Major Digital Transformation Enabler


As we’ve said repeatedly, communications is the low hanging fruit of digital transformation. You can transform your business in lots of ways of course – setting up systems to reduce crime in your retail locations is just one way to do this. But across the board – looking at companies in all industries, there is a single constant… Communications. We obviously don’t all have retail stores.

Zang Spaces is a relatively new service from Avaya. Its very powerful. It adds the benefits of Trello/Basecamp and Slack and real-time communications as well. It’s secure – has Dropbox functionality and can reduce the email avalanche we all contend with.

It’s a project-based system allowing the assigning of tasks with integrated messaging and more.

What I like most about the solution is it shows how communications can be the heart of your digital transformation journey. Moreover, many companies can see the immediate ROI of more effective project management. The video below explains it in more detail.

The communications digital transformation event we need now!

Communications 20/20 will be held July 18-20, 2017 at Caesars Palace,


Las Vegas, Nevada and will focus on the next wave of technology and innovation that will transcend the importance of person to person contact, disrupting the future of the entire communications industry. Communications 20/20 will provide vital knowledge and insight through unique programming, hands on training, live demos, keynotes, exhibits and networking events.

This unique conference will allow for individuals and companies entrenched in the traditional communications ecosystem that want to understand how to adapt and profit from the new software-defined communications trends that will permeate through all industries and enterprises.

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