Zocalo: Amazon Just Fired a Gun at Microsoft, Oracle and Dropbox

Amazon has made its name in ecommerce and cloud but its next frontier may be productivity applications and in the process, they may disrupt the entire enterprise software and cloud market. Zocalo is a new service from the company which allows the sharing of numerous document types with full version reviewed support and the ability to store files in specific geographical locations for compliance reasons. It works across devices (pretty much all of them), continents (files can be stored in the US and Europe (Ireleand) as of today) and can communicate with Active Directory if required. File transfers are encrypted and documents can be shared internally and externally.

The service is designed for workgroup communications and document preparation. Commenters on a document have their own color codes and users can quickly access the comments and the area of the document they correspond to.

Zocalo was designed to work smoothly with the Amazon WorkSpaces virtual desktop solution. Each WorkSpaces user has access to 50 GB of Zocalo storage, the Zocalo web application, the tablet apps, and document review at no additional charge. The Zocalo administrator can upgrade these users to 200 GB of storage for just $2 per user per month.

If you don’t use Amazon WorkSpaces, Zocalo is priced at $5 per user per month, including 200 GB of storage for each user. Additional storage is billed on a per-GB, per-month basis using a tiered pricing model. See the Zocalo Pricing page for more info.

The competition here is SharePoint, Dropbox, Box, Huddle and a slew of other cloud vendors. Moreover, Amazon could be gearing up to take on Google and Microsoft in the office productivity solutions space. If this is the case and I believe it is, areas of strength in which Oracle and SAP play, won’t be spared. It’s too soon to say that Amazon will be successful selling productivity solutions to corporations but they do have a way of proving their detractors wrong in market after market. A limited preview is available now.

Here are some screenshots of Zocalo in action:


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