ZyXEL Helps Carriers go Upmarket

On my recent trips to California and Chicago I got to spend some time catching up with ZyXEL, a company providing a wide variety of products which are in the ADSL, fiber and numerous other areas such 802.11n gateways and more. The following videos show how the company is able to help carriers be more than just a service provider providing dumb pipes; they can be part of a connected home strategy. Service providers who avoid going upmarket have a lot to lose as they end up troubleshooting consumer devices beyond their control, and this costs money. Jake explains why carriers should take control of the device and use their products to remotely troubleshoot and resolve issues that do come up. Bottom line – more value added services means more top line and less troubleshooting expense.

Jake Sailana explains how carriers can go upmarket and make more money

Jake Sailana and David Thompson describe their demos at Supercomm 2009 in Chicago

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