Brightlink Growth Shows CPaaS 2.0 Strategy is Paying Off

We interviewed Joe White of Brightlink at ITEXPO earlier this year and he shared his company was founded in 2009 as a nationwide network with global capabilities. They deliver voice, messaging, analytics and cloud-based solutions.

Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC speaks with Joseph White of Brightlink at the ITEXPO #Techsupershow

In other related news – the company won an award for having a top Tech Culture in 2017 and this past May launched their CPaaS Platform 2.0.

At the time, Rob Chen, CEO of Brightlink said, “Our new platform enables companies to easily access and integrate communications capabilities into their business processes – in a matter of minutes – and provides a differentiated CPaaS user experience for enterprises.”

The company has seen a surge in demand for its CPaaS offering since this latest launch and companies from CCI to Directed are adopting the Brightlink CPaaS Platform to achieve next-generation communication goals and benefit from easy provisioning, enhanced mobility, and ease of system administration.

Geoff Augenstein, Director of Information Technology at Directed

“We switched to the Brightlink platform in order to have an infrastructure that would better address our evolving communications needs,” said Geoff Augenstein, Director of Information Technology at Directed, a global leader in security and control telematics. “Our transition to the Brightlink CPaaS platform was seamless and efficient.”

With CPaaS access to network services capabilities, enterprises can improve omnichannel engagement and deliver a more customized experience by integrating different services into their communications mix. For example, they can choose and activate a variety of phone number types (landline, mobile, toll-free, vanity, etc.) with immediate provisioning, add additional number capabilities such as E911 and caller ID and enable features such as business messaging that elevate their customer support capabilities.

While CPaaS has previously been available to API developers only, Brightlink’s CPaaS Platform offers enterprises the option of using either a robust set of APIs that they can develop to or an easy-to-use web user interface with pre-built tools for use by administration and management. With the second option, customers don’t have to write code to experience CPaaS benefits.

Rob Chen, CEO of Brightlink

“We built our 2.0 CPaaS Platform to democratize access to modern communications capabilities for enterprises of all sizes and across all industries,” said Rob. “Our model allows customers to easily access and integrate communications capabilities into their business processes and provides a differentiated CPaaS user experience.”

Brightlink data shows that 85% of number provisioning on its new CPaaS Platform has been fully automated from the user interface, requiring no manual processes to provision numbers. The platform can handle large-scale orders including those in excess of 3,000 numbers. In addition, Brightlink has seen increased interest in its SIP API Manager, which enables dynamic provisioning, management and configuration of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunks. SIP trunking gives enterprises the capability to transmit voice, messaging and other communications reliably via an IP-enabled connection across both private and public domains.

Companies are using the Brightlink CPaaS Platform in several ways:

  • SIP Trunk Connectivity: Directed uses the platform for managing numbering inventory and provisioning as well as monitoring SIP trunking.
  • Number Porting: ESI uses the platform to dramatically reduce the amount of time spent porting numbers for customers and increasing time to revenues.
  • White-Labeled CPaaS: CCI has partnered with Brightlink to provide cloud applications and CPaaS capabilities to their customers. This enables CCI to significantly increase ease of use for customers when provisioning services and provides a single place to manage customer accounts and the overall customer experience.
  • Number Support for Cloud PBX and Messaging: Slappey Communications partners with Brightlink for a full range of solutions to serve their customers, including number provisioning capabilities via its CPaaS platform and leveraging the Brightlink platform to provide PBX and business messaging capabilities to Slappey customers.

In this case, Brightlink CPaaS 2.0 enables digital transformation for existing telecom businesses. By enabling companies to become more efficient they can in-turn increase margins and scale more quickly. In all, it’s a win-win for Brightlink as they sell more CPaaS services and their customers who can grow more quickly, flexibly and profitably.

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