RIP Art Rosenberg

I just learned of the passing of one of the finest telecom analysts aroundArt Rosenberg.jpg – Art Rosenberg. I’ve known him through many decades and health issues. I got the sense he would always be with us because he seemed to be such a fighter.

What was unique about Art was not that he was opinionated – all analysts are to some degree, it was that he took every opportunity to share his views with you and was always immensely convincing.

He didn’t do the job because of the paycheck – he seemed to love what he did. Hi truly lived communications.

I like to think that many of the other analysts in telecom learned a lot from Art… I sure did. His mind seemed to work in more dimensions than the average person. He had an intuitive way of weaving together the human aspects of UC with the technology. It’s as if he always knew what was coming next and was right, time and time again.

The telecom market just lost a great person. I like to think somewhere in heaven he’s busy analyzing, explaining and working to make it an even better place.

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