This is why Sangoma Purchased VoIP Innovations

Sangoma has been responsible for a tremendous amount of UC systems between Asterisk and FreePBX. The company sells hardware – complete systems and services related to open-source communications.

Why would they purchase VoIP Innovations in a tiered deal worth up to $42M?

Simple – MRR.

Monthly recurring revenue is the most important financial metric of success today, in tech and beyond.

Even car wash companies now have MRR plans.

Back in 2015 when we broke the news about Sangoma purchasing RockBocks – a Fax over IP provider, Sangoma CEO Bill Wignall, said the reason was recurring revenue.

The story is the same today.

Since the founding of Asterisk, Digium looked for ways to monetize the open-source communications solution. Phones were one way they did this. SIP trunking goes a step further.

Sangoma has two ways of monetizing this transaction – selling “Asterisk certified” SIP trunks – a bit of marketing spin but everything is.

And – they can continue to sell SIP trunks beyond the Asterisk community to every customer through MSPs and carriers.

We think this is a smart move.

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