Virtual Instruments rebrands as Virtana for Hybrid IT Infrastructure Management Powered by AIOps

Virtual Instruments today announced that it has become Virtana, a company focused on providing customers with robust AI-powered hybrid IT infrastructure management platforms for mission-critical workloads. In addition, the company introduced CloudWisdom, a SaaS-based cloud cost optimization and monitoring platform. CloudWisdom helps customers plan, analyze and optimize their cloud workloads, services and resources. Along with the new name, the company has advanced its business model to include self-service SaaS and downloadable trial versions of its solutions.

Last month we broke the news about the company optimizing hybrid infrastructure with their AIOps-enabled VirtualWisdom platform.

In an exclusive interview with CTO John Gentry about today’s news, he said, “The new name better reflects our product portfolio,”

John Gentry, CTO of Virtana

Over the years, the company has added capabilities and acquired other companies.

The new name and portfolio of products help customers manage the transition from cloud to multicloud – from people-centric to automated.

“We need to augment current human resources with analytics and machine learning,” he exclaimed. 

The company started down this journey in 2013 and John says they believe AIOps will power IT.

He explained the platform will collect native data, feed it into the data analytics engine and drive intelligent recommendations and automation.

‘This is what made us have a real-time architecture from day one,” he exclaimed. “This is the engine at the core of WisdomAI. Others are struggling.”

He said the velocity of changes is growing as is information. There are broadening data sources, added compute, storage and multiple data sources such as SAN, virtual machines, etc.

Virtana stands for Virtual Instruments Realtime Analytics and Automation.

Virtana’s VirtualWisdom, WorkloadWisdom and new CloudWisdom platforms form the foundation of next-generation hybrid infrastructure management. Virtana platforms enable dramatically accelerated problem resolution; efficient management of capacity and cost; and intelligent automated workload placement.

Torsten Volk, senior analyst, Enterprise Management Associates

“Connecting the dots between the health and performance of individual data center and public cloud resources with their exact impact on application SLAs and performance is the holy grail for enterprises embarking on their digital transformation journey,” said Torsten Volk, senior analyst, Enterprise Management Associates. “Virtana is combining its heritage of highly granular real-time application infrastructure monitoring with advanced machine learning and analytics capabilities from the Metricly (formerly Netuitive) acquisition, to ultimately offer comprehensive monitoring and policy-driven capacity optimization and automated problem resolution. This approach is becoming more and more relevant in the light of hybrid applications consisting of traditional monolithic enterprise apps that are extended through modern microservices.”

“An increasing number of organizations are moving away from traditional IT infrastructure and opting instead for the Cloud,” said Tom Frana, Chairman and CEO of ViON. “With our new Enterprise Cloud capability, we are better able to provide our customers with the public cloud experience they want behind their firewall, enabling them to manage multi-cloud environments and easily move workloads as their needs change. Virtana provides the essential insight into optimizing and assuring the performance of these workloads.”

With the introduction of the CloudWisdom platform for cloud monitoring and cost analysis, Virtana’s hybrid IT infrastructure management portfolio encompasses the full range of cloud deployment models – including public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Tightly integrated with the industry’s most comprehensive infrastructure monitoring and AIOps platform, VirtualWisdom, the CloudWisdom platform features full-stack, cloud-native monitoring from a single pane of glass. CloudWisdom monitors middleware including databases, messaging platforms, microservices, and containers, as well as dozens of leading cloud infrastructure services. The platform includes machine intelligence-based capacity and performance analysis combined with continuous cost analysis and optimization based on workload demands.

CloudWisdom complements Virtana’s Cloud Migration Readiness (CMR) service, which provides enterprises with vital performance and cost insights into the workload behavior of applications targeted for public cloud migration by leveraging both workload analysis and workload simulation in the cloud.

“The EHR and clinical systems that support our patients, doctors, nurses and administrators are as mission-critical as they come,” said Randy Davis, CIO and VP of Support Services at CGH Medical Center. “Gaining full visibility into the end-to-end performance and availability of both our applications and their underlying infrastructure is essential to better serving our constituents. Ultimately, Virtana provides us with the integrated insight needed for application assurance, risk reduction, and faster innovation.”

Philippe Vincent, CEO of Virtana

“The future of IT operations is autonomous and hybrid. By providing a next generation, AI-powered hybrid infrastructure management platform, we are enabling IT operations to be more efficient and automated than ever,” said Philippe Vincent, CEO of Virtana. “Virtana’s goal is to help customers modernize and grow by embracing a new approach to monitoring, analysis and automation. By providing customers with deep infrastructure visibility through an app-centric, real-time approach, we’re delivering the foundation for intelligent automation and helping customers de-risk their journey to the hybrid cloud.”

We are impressed with the growth rate of Virtual Instruments – we mean, Virtana. The new name is simpler, is an actual acronym and seems to help explain better the company’s commitment to following customers and helping them automate IT across clouds and multiclouds.

We are looking forward to welcoming the AIOps community to the second annual AIOps Expo, part of the ITEXPO #TechSuperShow, Feb 12-14, 2020 Fort Lauderdale, FL.


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