Vbrick Ups its Integration with Cisco Collaboration Solutions

Great news for Cisco Webex users as they can now more easily stream directly to Vbrick Rev, enabling improved self-service webcast management and increased user-generated content.

Enterprise video platform leader Vbrick solutions has released enhanced integration with Cisco Collaboration solutions as part of the Rev Platform October 2019 release and Cisco Webex release T39.10. Webex meeting hosts can now, directly from their Webex Meeting client application, initiate and seamlessly stream the contents of their Webex meetings to a Rev Webcast event as well as record their meetings as Rev video-on-demand recordings.

Shelly Heiden, CEO, Vbrick Systems

As a result of this enhanced integration, it is now a seamless experience for Cisco Webex Meetings hosts to reach a broader audience with live streaming events that take advantage of the Rev eCDN capabilities. The meeting hosts can also leverage those events as recorded video assets on the Rev platform for on-demand viewing. The enhanced integration represents the continued investment by Cisco and Vbrick to make it easier for employees across an enterprise to leverage the power of video to engage, empower and transform the workplace.

The use of video in business is growing rapidly and companies are seeking more ways to generate video content given its efficiency in reaching and engaging employees, customers, and other stakeholders. According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI), video will account for 70 percent of all business Internet traffic by 2021. Companies are no longer limited to expensive production studious to generate content. However, companies, especially larger enterprises, face challenges with the deployment and adoption of video, web conferencing, and social platforms at scale. These challenges include the lack of centralized video content management capabilities, the inability to ensure high-quality video distribution, usability challenges, and the less-than-enterprise-class security and governance controls for video. Now, as a result of combining the capabilities of Vbrick Rev and Cisco Collaboration solutions, all employees are able to more easily generate and share video content.

Vbrick and Cisco have partnered to offer an enterprise video platform solution that extends the power of Cisco Collaboration solutions—such as Cisco Webex Teams, Cisco Webex Meetings, and Cisco endpoints — and combines them with Vbrick Rev, a cloud-native platform that allows organizations to centrally deploy and manage high-quality live-streaming and on-demand video across a range of devices.

“Through our partnership with Cisco, we continue to make it easier for companies to leverage the power of video to improve communication and collaboration across the enterprise. As a result, companies are able to improve employee engagement and productivity, streamline network operations and unlock the value of video content investments,” said Shelly Heiden, CEO, Vbrick Systems.

The bottom line here is the future of work is becoming more distributed and as such video communications helps companies collaborate more effectively. Both live and on-demand video aid in keeping corporate culture – even if there is no single corporate location. This is why this enhanced integration between Vbrick is important to Cisco Collaboration users.

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