Blackberry Storm 2 Analyzed

I spent some time analyzing a Blackberry Storm 2 in a Verizon store in Norwalk, CT where I chatted with prospective customers as well as Verizon store employees and management. First the phone itself is improved with WiFi support, a capacitive touchscreen and worldphone support. I think typing on the device is about as good as it is on the iPhone at this point. Although a common feature of smartphones I really like the ability to go back to my last application. As you would expect the device is fine for applications like email where it does a good job of understanding what is typed and autocorrecting text, it still comes up short as a web browser.

Although faster than the previous device, the delay in browsing graphically rich sites and those with JavaScript continue to be its undoing (yes, JavaScript rendering is now faster — thankfully) and it is evident that the mobile browser is the major Achilles heel for device manufacturers. They should all partner with companies like Opera until they figure out how to do mobile browsing correctly.

Prospective customers I spoke with were not extremely impressed by the device and most I spoke with were in the store to compare the phone with – you guessed it, the iPhone.

By the way, reasons given to me to not buy the iPhone include the AT&T network and the fact that applications like Loopt (the iPhone needs to allow background apps for it to function properly) and Blackberry Messenger don’t work on it.

Store employees were eager to volunteer that Droid is coming out in a few weeks and is worth a look. They also mentioned that there was interest in the latest RIM phones and many are selling but unlike the rollout of the first version of this device, they aren’t seeing the long lines. Then again, it was a cold and rainy day which could have been part of the problem as nearby Stew Leonard’s, that world famous supermarket had half the normal amount of cars in its parking lot.

My take? People have already purchased their iPhones and other smartphones and if they weren’t out in force today to see their Storm 2, they aren’t coming out in force to see the Droid. Besides I haven’t seen much if any consumer promotion for this gadget – could this be a sign of Verizon giving up and hoping for better results from the new Google Powered Motorola phone? If the Droid is the iPhone killer Verizon store representatives say it is, the death will be very slow as word of mouth and advertising get more people to trade up. Time will tell.

  • Naidra
    March 24, 2010 at 11:37 pm

    I love my new BB Storm 2 but, I agree, it does have some kinks. A prime example is a situation that I ran into today. I needed to check an assignment from my school’s elearning website. I was able to browse to the site from my Storm, but it was really hard to navigate once the page loaded. I had to revert to my ipod touch to log in properly, and to get what I needed. Other than those small browsing issues, I love the phone! The apps download and run pretty fast, and there are enough free apps to help me out whenever I need it. In the future, I may invest in a Bluetooth (as silly as they look), but for now, the phone and I are getting along great!
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