Skype Developer Program

If you haven’t noticed, one of the latest trends in communications development is producing applications which work with the Skype ecosystem. Headsets, collaboration software, conference phones and myriad other devices and solutions now interoperate with Skype.
And who can blame companies who want to ride the coattails of the most popular VoIP software platform around?
Imagine having a customer base in the teen age group and not providing Skype connectivity. These days you need to provide communications in the manner your customers most commonly use.
To that end, Andy Abramson has some thoughts on a Skype keynote at next month’s Communications Developer Conference. According to Andy TMC got the big Kahuna Paul Amery from Skype.
Why do you need to come and listen to Paul speak? In a word – you have no choice. Skype is becoming ubiquitous and it is absolutely everywhere. The sooner you come and see how you can get involved in the Skype community, the better!
So be there or be legacy. 😉 The keynote takes place 11-11:35 am on Wednesday, May 15th, 2007.

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