VoIP Peering Investment

In October of 2006 I cited voice/VoIP peering as a great investment opportunity. As you may recall, I said last year was the year of VoIP peering. So you are probably wondering how you can play this market and if you are — there are a few ways to do this. You can focus on companies who supply session border control or transcoding equipment as both of these technologies are used in peering networks. Another way to play the game is to invest in a peering service such as XConnect.
As it happens, today XConnect raised $12 million dollars which will be earmarked to accelerate product development and expand the company’s infrastructure globally in order to meet growing demand from service providers and carriers for the company’s Federated IP Communications Peering & ENUM Registry services.
According to Eli Katz, XConnect Founder & CEO, “This investment will enable global expansion of our operations, especially the launch of national peering federations in a growing number of countries, and accelerate development of ever more flexible & sophisticated peering capabilities.”
Eli continued, “As we expand further, our existing and prospective customers will benefit from interconnection to a wider community that enables dramatic cost reduction on outbound calls, new revenue streams on inbound calls, and rich end-to-end IP communications including wideband-voice and video calling.”
In my IP communications investment article from the fall of last year, here are a few other investment opportunities I pointed out:
  • IMS
  • IPTV
  • Open-source
  • Cable Technology
  • VoIP Security
  • SIP Trunking
In hindsight I should have added two more categories:
  • Law Firms Specializing in VoIP Patents
  • Equipment used to Ensure RIM’s Blackberry Network is Consistently Operating

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