Best Keynotes in the World

This is part of the ITEXPO: Best VoIP Show In The World series of Blog entries.

No other VoIP show in the world has ever had the level of keynoters that ITEXPO has. It is that simple. Carly Fiorina, Michael Powell, Niklas Zennstrom from Skype. The key players at AOL, Yahoo!, Microsoft. The top analysts, the top editors. Everyone you need to see and they are only in one place.

Network TV stations will be covering ITEXPO. We expect all the major tech websites and the nation’s leading newspapers to be in attendance.

While I am at it I should point out that Niklas Zenstrom’s first ever United States keynote at a VoIP event was at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo in Los Angeles in September of 2004. People sitting at my table last year while listening to Mr. Zennstrom keep asking me how other people are trying to take credit for being first in everything. In this case the facts don’t match up with the hype. We are proud to have been host to this first-ever keynote from the esteemed Mr. Zennstrom and are excited by the industry’s reaction. Someone once told me that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. All I can say is "Thanks for the numerous compliments."

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