The Only Show With a Consumer VoIP Marketing Summit

This is part of the ITEXPO: Best VoIP Show In The World series of Blog entries.

There is only one show you need to attend if you work for a service provider and are tying to figure out how to price your products and services effectively. That Is Internet Telephony Conference & Expo.

This Consumer VoIP Marketing Summit was designed with service providers in mind. How on earth are you supposed to price your services in a vacuum? It is simple. You can’t and more importantly, you shouldn’t. You must consult industry experts and see the objective research available by attending this summit.

The Service Provider Marketing Summit exists nowhere else and is another unique content offering that only TMC and ITEXPO provide you. This is only one of many reasons why ITEXPOs provide a superior educational experience to other events. Why do we provide such awesome content that you can’t find anywhere else? Because we understand the market and have been reporting on it and running conferences in VoIP since the mid-nineties. In fact there is no other company in the world that had shows and magazines in VoIP before TMC!

There is enormous VoIP experience at TMC. You won’t find it elsewhere. We are a low-key company allowing our excellent content offering and tens of thousands of satisfied past conferees speak for themselves.

Remember, conferences are about maximizing conferee and attendee value. Ask yourself why you go to conferences. Whenever a conference starts to focus more on the conference chairman than the exhibitors and conferees, you have a recipe for a poor educational experience. TMC shows are about our customers, not about us.

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