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Logically, if you think about it… The cable companies are ideally positioned to take over the market for every sort of broadband service from VoIP to whatever else they want to get into to. Consider the hundreds of millions of dollars worth of free advertising they can do on the remnant programs of their own TV stations.

It is a staggering advantage and moreover the fat pipes they have into our homes means hey don’t have to invest in delivering fiber to every home like the phone companies are doing.

The industry can further diversify by doing better in the enterprise market as many companies would welcome increased competition for broadband services.

A recent study by Kagan Research backs most of these thoughts up and further expects revenues in this sector to double in the next ten years.

    July 25, 2005 at 4:52 pm

    P2P VoIP using SIP and Open Standards

    Every operator/portal/service provider/mso [Yahoo,AOL,Gizmo,Comcast, Verizon,EarthLink,etc.] out there are rushing to create, or recreate, an IM VoIP soft client that has all the appeal of Skype with open standard compatibility. Since the most predomin…

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