Canada Deregulates VoIP

So I am not breaking this news at all but is important enough for me to cover. I heard about this news at around 7:30 am this morning and have been meaning to write it up all day. Patrick Barnard who is part of TMCnet’s editorial team clued me into what was happening here. Canada is deregulating VoIP and the Canadian federal government has overruled the CRTC which is the Canadian equivalent of the FCC.
According to Minister Bernier, “It will mean lower costs, fewer regulatory proceedings, and more competitive markets. Barriers to entry in this market are very low. There is no reason to regulate it.”
Thanks to Greg Galitzine for covering this news and of course for Russell Shaw who broke the news on TMCnet anyway. For some time I have been meaning to write about Russell’s new blog on TMCnet called RSS – Regulations, Statutes and Standards. The telecom market is rife with regulations that change markets. The FCC mandating 911 for VoIP service providers overnight with an impossible deadline affected VoIP. It certainly made for an unfriendly investment environment. Net neutrality, the old Ma Bell coming back, etc are all things changing the entire telecom sector.
Certainly we see the telecom market is ever-changing and regulations, statutes and standards are something we need to keep an eye on.
So what does Russell write about? I am certainly glad you asked? Here is a list of recent entries:

  • Mutuelle santé
    October 1, 2010 at 5:32 am

    I just hope that wht the prime minister said is true, otherwise i would think that it`s just another election talk, in order to get the population in their favour.

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