Deutsche Telecom VoIP

Not bad for Europe I suppose. 30 Euros — well 29.95 to be exact may not fill up your gas tank but it can be how much you pay per month for Tier one VoIP in Germany. In fact Deutsche Telecom just rolled out an Internet telephony service for this precise monthly amount.

This article mentions Deutsche Telecom spent too much time fighting VoIP and not enough time promoting it. What it fails to say is the fact that this phone company was ahead of virtually all others as they were the only one to invest in VocalTec years ago.

In fact they made this move in 1999!!! This was while virtually all other service providers in the world denounced VoIP as publicly as they could The German carrier decided to go against the grain.

Certainly the investment was likely a huge loss but it does show vision.

I appreciate this vision as this investment was made in the second year of Internet Telephony Magazine’s life. It turned out to be a nice endorsement for the fledgling industry.

Hats off to Deutsche telecom for being perhaps the first service provider to help legitimize VoIP and for finally getting on the VoIP services bandwagon.

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