Excel Switching User Group

This is a pretty nice event so far. Very intimate and I got to speak with some old friends and I made a few new ones. I am actually most surprised at how professional the people who work for some of the other publications in the telecom space are. There are some very nice people out there. And I always thought the publishing community was a rat race.
Other than that I met a few developers in the elevator and asked what their company did. One developer I spoke with said, “So you want the elevator pitch eh?” There are some pretty funny engineers in the world. You just need to let them out of the lab from time to time so they can broaden their horizons 🙂 (No hate mail please I have an engineering degree myself)
Tomorrow I speak about the future of VoIP. I am not going to give too much away now and I will post the slides after my presentation. Here are some hints. I will be looking to the future and to the side. Hopefully my perspective won’t get mashed.
In the mean time it seems like a huge amount of people I met with today are coming to LA next week for ITEXPO. I can’t wait and I have to start working on my presentations in LA. I won’t have that much time to speak but I do get the honor of introducing Carly Fiorina, Michael Powell and Niklas Zennstrom. As I’ve said before… It is good to be in VoIP.

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