Michael Powell at ITEXPO In LA

Michael Powell will be addressing the audience at ITEXPO and I am excited to hear what he has to say. I am sure he has much more latitude now that he is no longer a sitting chairman of the FCC. I also wonder how he feels about the strict 120 day deadline given to VoIP providers after he left. I get the feeling that if he was chairman they would given our industry have six months or more to fully comply. Indeed when he speaks we will be right around the FCC deadline making it an interesting time to hear his unique viewpoints on VoIP.

There are so many positive things that happened to technology under the watch of the FCC under Michael Powell such as the launch of WiFi that you have to think he will be remembered favorably by those in technology for many years to come.

WiFi in my opinion let the genie out of the bottle in terms of showing that giving an unlicensed spectrum out to the public can immensely change the competitive landscape of the entire information technology industry.

I hope to see you at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo this October 24-24 in Los Angeles, CA.

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