Murphy’s Law

Sure enough. It was bound to happen. Don’t ever praise one piece of electronics at the expense of the other. No sooner did I sing the praises of the IBM T42P computer did it crash and burn. Ironically in this post I mentioned that my TV broke. Well that is kind of an exaggeration as it still works but just shuts off on its own.

I explained why it is great that my IBM laptop does double-duty as a DVD player. Big mistake. Today it crashed.

Well it didn’t crash – it just shuts off on its own. This is really weird. Did my TV put a curse on the laptop while I slept?

I didn’t make a backup of my presentation for Tuesday’s keynote and was afraid I might have to rewrite it from scratch.

Luckily when I spoke in Orlando a few people asked me for the presentation so I put it on my blog. My blog rescued me.

I will spend time today and tomorrow updating it.

Now the house is one laptop short. What did we do before we had laptops? I can’t recall.

I spent part of the day souping up my wife’s computer with software I’ll need while traveling. When it comes to technology, you ALWAYS need a spare. That is one of the reasons VoIP is going to make for better communications as it allows for really inexpensive redundant systems.

Well back to work. I have lots more software to add to this laptop before I get on the plane tomorrow.

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