Named to the Smith Top 30

I am truly honored to be part of the Smith Top 30 blog. Who is Smith you ask? Well Smith is a highly esteemed VoIP blogger of course. Actually I wasn’t too familiar with him before the list but it seems the best way to get in the good graces of bloggers is to give them some much-needed recognition.

Of course I am not sure how much Smith knows about my blog as he erroneously ranked me at #3 when somewhere around 31 or 32 might be more appropriate.

Sure Google ads are great and all but industry or peer recognition makes this job so much more fun. Sure us tech bloggers may never reach rock star status but then again we will leave a different sort of legacy on the world – one where we help people understand the daily news and happenings from our unique perspective and style.

It seems the style and opinions of individual bloggers is what makes me look forward to reading what they have to say. I am at the point where I can guess who has written a particular entry from the headline alone.

On a separate note, in many cases I know some blogger’s writing styles exceedingly well yet I have never met them in person.

Certainly blogging has changed the world. Political races must take blogs into account, companies must be careful of how they treat customer s because of bloggers and of course there was that whole Dan Rather thing.

But getting back to the world of IP Communications, here is the top 10 list of bloggers. Thanks again Smith on VoIP for the recognition.

Here is his top 10

Andy Abramson – VoIP Watch
Om Malik – GigaOm
Rich Tehrani’s Blog
Jon Arnold’s Blog
Greg Gatlitzine’s VoIP Authority Blog
Skype Journal
Russell Shaw’s IP Telephony Blog
Tom Keating’s VoIP and Gadgets Blog
Jeff Pulver – Pulver Blog
Mark Evans Blog

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