Power Outage

TMCnet hosts it’s own servers and with our growing traffic, I feel like we are a service provider as we need to ensure the site is always up, we have the bandwidth necessary to deal with massive traffic spikes and we work to make sure all our visitors have a positive web experience.

In fact our web growth which can be seen in this chart has been a dream. Still, we aren’t perfect and occasionally things happen to bring your site down.

Recently in fact we found that our main UPS had a failure where the power outlets on the unit itself died.

This brought some serious grief to our MIS department as you can imagine.

As more organizations deploy applications like VoIP on their networks they need to be aware of the pitfalls of a poorly designed network. This is why TMCnet is working with APC to sponsor a web seminar titled The Road To Reliable, Available VoIP and IP Telephony.

I would love to see you on the webinar which takes place the day after tomorrow – on October 5th at 1:00 PM EST. Register here.

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