Skype Clone

Here comes yet another entry into the market aimed at taking out Skype. Project Gizmo has a product that will do lots of things that Skype can but with SIP support.

Project Gizmo

Project Gizmo in Action

You might have even heard the name of Project Gizmo’s creator before. Michael Robertson, founder of SIPphone Inc., a VoIP startup, is the name behind, Linspire, and Robertson founded SIPphone Inc. in April 2003 to build a VoIP platform and directory called dialtone on which hardware or software developers could offer free, VoIP-based services.

The software and services seem eerily similar to Skype and where Skype has Skype Out service that lets you call a landline phone, Gizmo has CallOut. This “Out” term seems to have become common in the VoIP service world as Pulver’s Bellster product was renamed fwdOUT to avoid a lawsuit from an iLEC.

Project Gizmo will have a Linux variant out by the end of August for those of you who enjoy open source voiping.

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