VoIP Peering Web Summit

You all know what a fan of VoIP peering I am and to make sure you know how serious I am about this topic we decided our new Web Summits will feature VoIP peering as the first topic. Here is some information on this summit and how you can register to learn more about this exciting opportunity.


On Thursday, July 27, TMC presents its first Web Summit in partnership with J Arnold & Associates. Covering VoIP Peering opportunities for service provider, this live Web event is the first in a series of Web Summits targeted at service providers. Each will focus on thought leadership from the industry’s leading companies and the host, Jon Arnold, one of the IP sector’s most highly-regarded analysts.

Thursday’s Web Summit – "VoIP Peering – Why The Time Is Now" – features three companies who are at the vanguard of this emerging space – XConnect, Kayote Networks and NexTone Communications. These companies have an intense focus on peering and will provide an invaluable perspective on the state of VoIP peering and what the opportunities are for service providers. In addition to providing their individual perspectives, Jon will engage them in a roundtable discussion to explore the issues in greater depth, following which, participants will ask questions of their own.

Interest has been very strong for this Web Summit, which promises to be highly interactive and informative. To ensure your participation, register now.

Date: July 27
Time: 2:00PM EST

Sponsored By: Xconnect, Kayote, NexTone, J Arnold & Associates, & TMCnet

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