Check out Hunter Newby’s VoIPeering column in the November 2005 issue of ITMAG where he will focus on how VoIP peering ties into the SS7 network. Here is an excerpt:

There is no doubt that the data that is accessed via SS7 is critical, so there is no chance of eliminating the need for it and given the legacy architecture of SS7 not much chance of eliminating the TDM loop between the switch and the database – if the switch and the database keep speaking the same old language in between. Recently SNET DG and VeriSign became the first two telco database managers to enable IP access to their data for look-ups. This solved one half of the problem. By IP enabling the access to the data they can speak (and be spoken to) in the most universally applied programming language in the world. That left the small issue of how to actually get the database connected to the switches. That’s where the Fabric part of the VPF comes in.

With Ethernet switching nodes in most of the major carrier hotels in the United States the VPF is essentially a neutral, packet-based, layer 2 edge network at a PoP near you. This makes it very economical for carriers to get to and plays right in to the model of Ethernet enabling metro and regional dark fiber and wavelengths. Since the VPF was an existing, non-public Internet, IP distribution network SNET DG and VeriSign decided to use it to act as a delivery network for their database services. They both interconnect their IP enabled databases to the VPF and the carriers and other members of the VPF can establish VLAN’s to the database providers across the Fabric from any VPF node. With the monthly cost of a 10meg VPF port at $1500 there is much more bit per buck to utilize than a 56k DDS for the same price. In addition, the legacy DDS network call set-up time ranges in the 100’s of milliseconds, whereas in the Ethernet environment that set-up time is reduced to the 10’s of milliseconds. A dramatic improvement!

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